Monday, 17 August 2015



It has been awhile I didn't post any update.. raya pun dah habis kan.. tak menyempat nak ucap selamat hari raya.. haha.. busy la juga dan almost a month dah balik Bintulu.. rasa macam, bila nak cuti balik kampung ni?

banyak kerja sebenarnya tengah, sedang dan akan buat.. nak sampling, nak siapkan paper, siapkan poster juga, siapkan jurnal reading, siapkan itu dan ini.. pendek kata, tak tahulah nak cakap.. haha.. I have problem to write any paper even for short communication, apatah lagi review dan full length paper.. sejak mula projek secara tak langsung, banyak term-term paper saya belajar.. terima kasih sv (supervisor).. haha

I didn't expect too much for my research tapi I do hope, I can do it and put all the efforts on it.. bumping into academic field, is not easy for me as I have lot of problems such as writing, being organize and others (unpredictable).. currently, i'm in "safe and lazy zone' (not doing anything even through I have lot of work to do)..

For the time being, I should change myself.. being more organized and do all the work.. I should focus more and start built up my literature review.. I have read different method to summarize the important and not so important journal.. yaaa, I always get confused, every time I finish reading those journal.. 

eh.. buruk sangatlah menaip dalam english.. haha.. grammar ke laut, but I have to practice.. writing is my priority after conducting research and others.. oh ya, recently I have weekly progress meeting and currently we have to delayed it due to several reason.. I'm the one who responsible for the delay.. not because i'm not ready to present it, but i'm afraid my work didn't meet my sv expectation.. but this week, I can't delay it anymore..

maafkanlah entry celaru grammar tu.. tengah belajar.. kata Dr. T, banyak-banyak pratices for the english.. haish.. 

till we meet again!