Saturday, 31 December 2016



It has been a while I didn't publish any stories. Might be I'm busy with my "never ending research" progress. My 4th semester will end next month (end of January 2017). I'm quiet stress when thinking about my studies. Will I graduate or not?

Just leave the question to be answered later. Oh ya, 2016 will be ended shortly and there are ups and downs "things" happens. Maybe I should point out here and have a fresh review. It is a tough year. Struggling with my research from starch. 

Begin my research in 2nd semester. Going here, there and everywhere for collecting samples. Then, in 3rd semester busy with analysis and conference. It was an unplanned conference which I was informed by the supervisor. I got 1 week to prepare a poster and a slide for the oral presentation. It was great even though I didn't win any award - neither best presenter nor best poster. Trust me, I'm quite sad. Wishing to win any awards.

In 4th semester which is now, I conducted my last objective. Field setup at the chosen plot located 30 km from UPM (approximately). It was 6-month field setup - as suggested by my supervisory committee. However, the data collection is enough to be collected for 3 months which makes me feel relief and happy. Alhamdulilah. Now, busy with thousand of samples to be analysed and determined with a different analysis. The hardest part doing all analysis were instability of the machine or blue screen of death (BSOD) such as power supply faulty and others *I had experienced all of this issues since 1st semester and also yesterday!*. 

I'm still struggling to finish all the analysis and end up my studies. Should graduate soon and perhaps might be the time to say goodbye to this campus? haha

That all. I didn't know why am I'm telling all the unnecessary stories here? Maybe for my reading when I graduate? So I could know, what was happen during my study period. 

Ok. May 2017 will bring a lot of happiness to all of us. The most important things, may Allah ease all the hardship. To my beloved family, may all of you stay in good health, prosperity and live longer. InsyAllah.

Sunday, 29 November 2015



..give up..

slowly, falling apart